About Us

We are striving to bridge the gap between the job providers and the job seekers and so far have been succeeding greatly, gathering young, brilliant and qualified minds and helping them attain the jobs they desire and deserve.

Founded in 2022, Doyen CV is built on a passion to help young and potential tech talents land their dream jobs in the tech industry and we are working towards this as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.
We realise that a lot of tech job seekers have what it takes to land amazing jobs in this vast industry but their CVs are major stumbling blocks to the growth of their budding career and we work tirelessly to meet this need with our clients.

At Doyen, we are dedicated to working with such talents to transform their standard CVs into outstanding ones by tailoring each CV to fit our clients’ specific personalities while still highlighting their key skills and qualities, bringing out the best they have to offer and placing them at the top of their fields, all to make sure the employers know that they are the best candidates for the job.

Since our inception we have been growing and expanding our reach steadily, helping more and more of these talents achieve their career goals with expert CVs, guidance, cover letters and many more. With our expert team constantly working, learning and improving themselves to be and produce the best they can, we cannot wait to see what is in store for us (and for our wonderful clients) at Doyen CV.

Doyen CV helps tech talents get their dreams at their favorite companies.